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CAB Connection is a quarterly resource newsletter from Ignite Advisory Group for Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Managers, Facilitators and Executive Sponsors. 

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Five Reasons Companies are Getting Back to In-Person Customer Advisory Board Meetings in 2022

With the pandemic behind us, professionals are eager to get back on the road to engage with their customers and colleagues.

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5 Ways to Create the Ultimate Customer Advisory Board Meeting in 2022

Whenever your next CAB meeting takes place, there are certain elements your members will be expecting.

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Six MORE Tips for Holding Hybrid-Attendance Customer Advisory Board Meetings

If you have a mix of in-person and virtual meeting attendees for your next CAB, here are some tips to ensure everyone gets the most from the hybrid meeting.

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CAB Workshop Top Agenda Sessions 940 x 788 -2

CAB Workshop: Top 5 Innovative CAB Meeting Agenda Sessions 

Wednesday, May 18th | 2 PM ET

The indispensable factor of any successful customer advisory board (CAB) is a strong meeting agenda. Want to generate 2x engagement and drive better insights from meetings? Then you must create interactive and unique agenda sessions.

In this workshop, Gavin Nathan, Partner & Senior Consultant, Ignite Advisory Group, will share the top most engaging agenda sessions.

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CAB Training JULY 2022 940x788 2

Live CAB Training: July 12th, 15th, 20th

Learn how to create and manage a best-in-class customer advisory board. Have a seasoned advisory board program or are starting out? You'll get valuable insights and tips to improve (or launch) your CAB program. Get all your CAB questions answered by Ignite CAB experts (and your peers).

Limited seats are available. Join our CAB Training. Don't wait to secure your spot—for you or your team.

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Ask Eyal

Eyal-Danon-100x100-1 Eyal Danon is the President and Founder of Ignite Advisory Group, and a world-renowned expert on customer and partner advisory boards. 

❓Question: Dear Eyal, our CAB meetings have become boring because our internal management team uses standard company PowerPoint slides and they're talking most of the time. How can we better engage our bored CAB members?

✔️Answer: Canned, one-way presentations, product demos and sales pitches are sure-fire ways to kill your CAB program—and drive away your members. Instead, be sure to engage members ahead of time to learn of the challenges they want to discuss with your company and their peers, and create an agenda that prioritizes these issues. And be sure to include sessions that get people moving—breakout sessions, member voting exercises, walking tours, brainstorming periods and such. (See our blog post for more session ideas)

Got a CAB management question for Eyal? Email him at We could include your question in the next CAB Connection.


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A resumption of business travel and in-person meetings – including customer advisory boards – is one of the top marketing trends impacting 2022, according to Forbes. 👉See the complete list here.

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