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The #1 reason customer advisory board programs fail? It simply takes too much work – and executives have unrealistic expectations about the time involved in managing a CAB program. Read the rest of the Top 10 Reasons CABs Fail>>


Top 10 CAB FAQs

During our recent customer advisory board webinar with Pragmatic Marketing, we received over a hundred questions from participants! In this podcast, Ignite Senior Consultant Gavin Nathan answers the top 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that CAB managers have in managing their programs.

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“Ignite was instrumental in helping us design and deliver a best in class partner advisory board program globally that took our partner go-to-market strategy to the next level.”

Padma Rao
Director, Global Channel & Alliances

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About Ignite Advisory Group

Ignite Advisory Group is the world’s leading consultancy focused exclusively on helping B2B companies engage with executives at key accounts through high-impact customer and partner advisory board programs.

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CAB Connection is Ignite Advisory Group's quarterly resource newsletter to help Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Managers, Facilitators and Executive Sponsors optimize their advisory board programs.

In The News

Top 8 Customer Advisory Board Management Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

During a recent webinar hosted by Pragmatic Marketing, Adobe and Ignite, we polled the participants on the top challenges they face in initiating or managing their CAB programs. This article details the results, and, more importantly, provides suggestions on overcoming these common hurdles.

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Top 3 Must-Have Deliverables to Create After Your Customer Advisory Board Meeting

You’ve held a successful CAB meeting. Now what do you do? These deliverables will ensure you keep the momentum from your meeting going.

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Upcoming Events Conference 2016 #CABorgConf: October 5-6, Boston

Customer Advisory will host the largest conference in the world focused on customer advisory boards. This annual conference represents an excellent professional development venue regardless of your program size or maturity. With so many best practices being shared from real-world CAB practitioners, attendees leave energized and ready to implement numerous lessons learned to take their CAB programs to the next level.

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Next Customer Advisory Board Training:
April 2017, Atlanta, Georgia

Ignite offers the most comprehensive and the industry’s only Customer Advisory Board Manager and Facilitator Training. The hands-on, interactive training provides best practices, skills, and knowledge to succeed at creating, managing and facilitating advisory boards. 

CAB Manager Training: April 25-26, 2017 >>

CAB Facilitator Training: April 26-27, 2017 >>

Ask Eyal

Eyal Danon is the President and Founder of Ignite Advisory Group, and a world-renowned expert on customer and partner advisory boards.

Question: Eyal: My company is about to initiate our first-ever customer advisory board. Can you share a common mistake that companies make with inaugural CAB meetings, and how to avoid it?

Answer: A common new CAB program mistake is not allowing enough time for agenda preparation. The process can take about 6-8 weeks, if done properly. So you need to start this about 3 months prior to the face to face CAB meeting. The initial stage involves gathering key topics from your internal CAB steering committee, as well as outside business partners or industry experts. For your company, what are the critical business decisions that need to be made in next 12 months, and how can advisory board insights help?

With these questions and issues in hand, you need to create an interview discussion guide with these 6 or so proposed agenda topics and interview the CAB members on the phone – an online survey just will not get you close to understanding their real perspectives on key business challenges. Then you’ll need to analyze the interview surveys to determine what topics should be on the agenda, what topics can be dropped, and then get the exec sponsor and CAB steering committee to agree to the agenda. While this process takes time, it is critical to ensure you have an agenda that is mutually beneficial for both your internal team and the advisory board members.

Got a CAB management question for Eyal? eMail him at eyal.danon@igniteag.comYour question could be included in the next CAB Connection.

New Offering

New Executive Offsite Planning Meeting Management and Facilitation Offering

Ignite recently announced new services to enhance and facilitate executive planning meetings. The new offerings derive from customer requests to leverage our proven methodologies and best practices to augment internal corporate planning processes. The new services also coincide with the launch of a new website focused on executive planning optimization:

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