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CAB Connection is a quarterly resource newsletter from Ignite Advisory Group for Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Managers, Facilitators and Executive Sponsors. 

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How to Keep Customer Advisory Board Momentum Going in the Months Ahead

While the pandemic has altered business communication, there are many benefits to be gained by staying engaged and keeping the CAB conversation going. 

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Why Virtual Customer Advisory Boards are replacing Various Client Engagement Mediums

If and when the pandemic is finally โ€œover,โ€ some traditional methods of customer engagement may be significantly reduced โ€“ if they come back at all.

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Five Things You Might Be Doing That Annoy Your Customer Advisory Board Members

If not addressed, your members may become dissatisfied with your CAB program and drop out โ€” or take their business elsewhere.

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[Webinar] Virtual CAB Best Practices, Tips, Ideas and Must-Dos

December 15, 2020 | 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

Holding virtual CAB meetings in the age of Coronavirus brings new challenges to CAB practitioners. This live webinar will describe our lessons learned and advice for creating the most engaging virtual meetings possible heading into 2021.

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Eyal Danon is the President and Founder of Ignite Advisory Group, and a world-renowned expert on customer and partner advisory boards. 

Question: Eyal, are there any legal implications of initiating a CAB program, or for our membersโ€™ participation?

Answer: Initiating a CAB program should not generate any concerns from your (or your customersโ€™) legal department(s). A customer advisory board is designed to provide guidance to the sponsoring company about its products and services in various markets. It is not a governance organization.

Typically, companies invite a select group of member companies to provide collaborative insight to help improve the host company's business in the markets it serves. Some of the members may be competitors and as such, care is taken to ensure that no competitively sensitive or confidential information about individual CAB members is solicited or shared.

When communicating product roadmaps, sponsoring companies can reveal plans without necessarily providing a hard copy. If a copy is shared, ask members not to share the information beyond their internal team, or remind them of the NDA agreement they likely signed when they became a customer.

A related area that may generate policy questions is lodging or transportation for members. Generally, CAB sponsors provide lodging and ground transportation but not all cover air travel to and from the meeting. Some member companies have strict travel guidelines requiring members to actually book and pay for their own rooms to comply with their companyโ€™s guidelines. Typically, no compensation is provided to CAB members, although we have seen direct compensation for medical professional CAB members in the healthcare industry.

The bottom line: in many years of advising companies, I have never experienced any legal issues resulting from a CAB program.

Got a CAB management question for Eyal? eMail him at eyal.danon@igniteag.comYour question could be included in the next CAB Connection.


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