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CAB Connection is a quarterly resource newsletter from Ignite Advisory Group for Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Managers, Facilitators, and Executive Sponsors. 

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Five Signs Your Technical Customer Advisory Board is Really Just a Tactical User Group

If your company’s CAB is managed by your technical or product team, you’re likely missing out on the many benefits a well-run strategic CAB can deliver.

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Making the Most of a Pandemic: Why Now is an Ideal Time to Start a Customer Advisory Board

The Coronavirus pandemic has created an all-too-rare opportunity to properly initiate a CAB program – and set the foundation for future success.

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Five Things to Do Now with Your Customer Advisory Board during the Pandemic

Now is an ideal time for your CAB to take a proactive, leadership role during the ongoing crisis.

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Why These 5 Odd Customer Advisory Board Practices May Be Harming Your Program

Some CAB managers describe to us their strange practices, and admit their programs suffer for them.

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Online CAB Training: 3 Sessions Starting July 14th

Ignite offers the most comprehensive and interactive Customer Advisory Board Training online for CAB practitioners.

July Group Sessions: July 14th, July 21st & July 30th

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Product Management Chat: Managing Customer Advisory Boards During the Pandemic Crisis

This online session describes how product managers should be engaging their customers now in order to best capture the desired product roadmap input.

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Best Practices for Running Virtual Customer Advisory Board Meetings

This webinar provides many tips on how to make your next virtual CAB meeting the most successful, insightful, and engaging it can be for your company and your customers. 

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Eyal-Danon-Ignite-Advisory-Group-200wEyal Danon is the President and Founder of Ignite Advisory Group, and a world-renowned expert on customer advisory boards. 

Question: Eyal: Should we continue recruiting CAB members during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Answer: Yes! We counsel our clients to always be on the lookout for new members to join their CAB programs. After all, you may be experiencing some inevitable attrition of members who have to drop out of your program, move to new roles, or perhaps have long fulfilled their initial commitments. New CAB members can provide fresh perspectives, ideas, and input to your company – and a jolt of energy to your CAB program. With the current pandemic, many businesses are looking for proactive guidance from their vendors, and desire to engage with their peers to learn how to best operate in the ‘new normal’ as companies emerge from the crisis and get back to work.

Got a CAB management question for Eyal? Email him at eyal.danon@igniteag.comYour question could be included in the next CAB Connection.


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The top reason CAB programs fail is that companies underestimate the amount of work, preparation, and investment it takes to run a successful program.

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[Podcast] The Importance of Customer Advisory Boards in Times of Covid-19

Ignite’s Rob Jensen discusses why customer engagement is more important than ever, and provides tips for conducting virtual CAB meetings.

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