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The top reason CAB programs fail is that companies underestimate the amount of work, preparation and investment it takes to run a successful program.

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“Ignite has played an integral role in shaping the success of our Financial Services Customer Advisory Board meeting. Their planning methodology provided us with an invaluable framework.” David Coates
Manager, Customer Programs
Iron Mountain

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About Ignite Advisory Group

Ignite Advisory Group is the world’s leading consultancy focused exclusively on customer and partner advisory board programs for global B2B companies. Ignite’s proven methodology for managing and evolving Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) includes a 4-stage process, encompassing 48 deliverables and measured by 20 metrics to deliver a clear ROI. Learn more>>


Ignite is pleased to announce our 2017 scholarship. Ignite offers an annual scholarship of $1000 USD to current students of any major (undergrad or graduate school) committed to their education and seeking financial assistance. Learn more>>

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CAB Connection is a quarterly resource newsletter from Ignite Advisory Group for Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Managers, Facilitators and Executive Sponsors. 

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How to Measure Your CAB Program ROI

Measuring the impact of a customer advisory board (CAB) program is not always an easy, straightforward task. In fact, determining CAB return on investment (ROI) is a challenge affecting more than 1 out of every 3 CAB program managers. But while measuring CAB success can be less than an exact science, doing so doesn’t have to be rocket science either.

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Online Virtual Conference: Marketing Strategy

How to Engage with Your Customers to Ensure 2018 Company and Marketing Success

October 13, 9:30 AM PST/12:30 PM EST

Engaging with your clients can uncover emerging business trends, competitive opportunities, new products and service categories, additional companies to partner with or acquire, and much more. Such engagement can reveal previously unknown revenue streams, increased opportunities for customer satisfaction, and expose new ways to influence and gain new profitable customers. Learn more and sign up>>

Upcoming Events

Customer Advisory Board .org Annual Conference2017 Annual Conference: December 4-5, San Mateo, CA

Customer Advisory will host the largest conference in the world focused on customer advisory boards. This annual conference represents an excellent professional development venue regardless of your program size or maturity. With so many best practices being shared from real-world CAB practitioners, attendees leave energized and ready to implement numerous lessons learned to take their CAB programs to the next level.

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CAB Training a Hit Again in Atlanta

Ignite recently held its CAB Manager and Facilitator Training in Atlanta. Companies represented included Adobe, Dell,, InterContinental Hotels, LexisNexis, Omnitracs, TransUnion and many more. The event offered CAB managers and facilitators the opportunity to learn proven best practices, develop their skills, and apply these lessons to their own CAB initiatives. Due to its success, we plan to hold the event again next year, June 2018 – watch for updates!

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On-Demand Webinar

Collecting Product Input through a Well-Managed Customer Advisory Board Program

A customer advisory board (CAB) is an ideal method for gathering input into product development and driving roadmap prioritization and customer-led innovation. In this webinar hosted by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), learn the top 5 customer advisory board benefits and 10 tips on creating and managing a robust CAB initiative to generate valuable member feedback on product direction and new product features, and discover unmet customer needs.

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Ask Eyal

Eyal Danon is the President and Founder of Ignite Advisory Group, and a world-renowned expert on customer and partner advisory boards. 

Question: Eyal, my sales team is asking if they can invite prospects to join our customer advisory board. Do you think this is a good idea?

Answer: We generally advise against inviting prospects to participate in your customer advisory board program. After all, prospects don’t have the experience with your company and products to be effective advisors. They will inevitably be lost on product discussions, and may ask questions that take the meeting off course. Finally, their attendance could backfire if they learn from other members about a product feature shortfall or negative service experience.

The bottom line is that CABs are not sales engagements, but rather represent opportunities to seek advice on your strategies and products, and deepen relationships with key customers. We recommend that customer references for your prospects be managed elsewhere within your company.

Got a CAB management question for Eyal? eMail him at eyal.danon@igniteag.comYour question could be included in the next CAB Connection.